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A Mamma but still A Woman

Motherhood, mmmmm.... Motherhood can take over your life and we give it up in a instant. Because being a mom is the greatest gift in life and we will do anything for our little ones, but does that mean forgetting about ourselves?

No ... No ... Nooooo!

Whether your a newborn mom or a mom of five, your still a woman and you need to remember that. Dressing up might seem silly but if you look good, you feel good and a happy mommy is the best kind of mom there is.

I absolutely love fashion, but when Luna came I forgot about who I was and honestly there were days/weeks spend in pyjamas. But slowly after months, I started to realise that I need to be me and be a mamma. I need to feel good about myself, I had to keep my personal passions and share them with my new motherhood passions.

I wanted to look good for myself and I wanted to look good for my husband, yes times change, you grow older and flabbier but that doesn't mean you should stop trying. I wanted to keep the person I use to be part of our marriage and a part of my daughters up bringing.

I had a lot of conflict about the type of style I wanted to embrace, I wanted to still be young and trendy but at the same time I wanted to look like a mom, eventually I found my way and realised that a mommy can still be sexy.

Being a mom doesn't mean mommy jeans and blouses. You can still dress sexy, sure our days of mini dresses and high heals are over, I mean could you imagine running after a toddler in that HA! But why not throw a pair of wedges in there every now and then, maybe a V cut jersey or some sexy skinny jeans.

This is one of my favourite looks at the moment (yes, because next month it will be something else hehe)

Im absolutely obsessed with showing a bit of the lace bra, not only is it beautiful underwear but its way more comfortable than the hard wired push up bra. I combined that with a low V cut jersey from Witchery, white skinny jeans from Country Road and peak toe ankle booties from Foshinies.

This outfit was so comfy to play in with Luna, I spend the rest of the day in it playing legos, building a fort and playing ball in the garden, I just popped off my shoes when we got home.

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