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Vergelegen Fun

Joining the parent club definitely changes your regular weekend vibes, no more cocktails at rooftop bars or sushi dates at high end restaurants. Nope, none of that, not that we as mamma's mind the change, honestly I loved the change, but suddenly I had no idea where to go or what to do, sure I love our saturday pyjama days but this mamma gets cabin fever real quick.

I ended up googling places and searching the web for kid friendly venues, sure I got few but most of them ended up being franchises like Primi or Spur and honestly not a lot of fun for mamma or baba. Slowly through word of mouth and exploring I discovered some hidden gems and decided to share some with the new mamma's. Once a month i'll share my favourite must see venue, something with great food, good wine and tons of entertainment for the little ones.

The first venue we picked is the beautiful Vergelegen Wine Estate, this place is absolutely breathtaking and besides the good food and amazing kids play area, its a sight for sore eyes and you can easily lose track of time exploring the many beauties of this estate.

Entrance to the farm is R20.00 pp at which point you get given a map of the estate, you have the options of just exploring, going for a wine tasting or enjoying an amazing meal at their restaurant. In summer they also do pick nicks on the farm.

We started at the restaurant indulging in a delicious pizza, Luna being Luna had to have a baby chino. For only R35.00 she got a kiddies meal which included scrambles eggs, bacon, toast and a baby chino. After making a thorough mess of the table (which seems to be every time we go out with a toddler) we headed out into the Herb gardens, exploring and smelling all the beautiful herbs.

Then off to the maze we went, since we went at mid winter the maze, thats made out of vineyards where dried out and a bit see-through but still fun and beautiful in its own kind of way. Once you make your way to the centre you find a beautiful water fountain.

Next up was the almighty playground, I think the pics will show how crazy fun the playground is but as a mamma what really stood out and was extra awesome was the rubber flooring, most play areas in winter gets muddy and messy, but here I could let her run freely without mentally making a note to buy Vanish. Its also supper safe for those wobbly toddler legs that runs faster than they are suppose to and so often plonk over.

After an overload of fun and giggles we went to explore the farm, walked through the beautiful vineyards, main gardens, bamboo trees, forrest and rose gardens. Honestly a picture says a thousand words, so ill stop blabbing and let you see for yourself.

So if your looking for your next Saturday or Sunday family adventure, Vergelegen Wine Estate comes highly recommend by this mamma and little Luna.

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