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A Warm Winters Day

So just over a year ago we moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg and I won't lie, I was not to excited, I am a 100% Cape Town lover and was sad to leave the beautiful city with all our family and friends behind, but we do what we have to and make the best of it.There was not a lot I liked about Jozi but something that made it a little more tolerable was the winters and the shopping.

For those of you who doesn't know me personally, I am a summer lover, if theres was something like a sunshine addict I would be top of the list. So imagine my delight when we step of the plane mid winter into beautiful sunshine.


It gave winter shopping a whole new meaning and boy did I enjoy the wardrobe change. Sunny winters are a lot like the start of fall, the morning air starts to get crisp, but as the sun makes its way into our day it gets increasingly warmer and as the sun sets again the chill returns.

Wardrobe wise, it means no more summer dresses but also not layers and layers of clothes accompanied by gum boot. Its the type of weather where you don't pack last seasons clothes into a box, no you keep it out and mix it with next seasons clothes. Its the type of weather that allows you to blend summer with winter, to do dresses with boots or jersey's with shorts.

I have so much fun this time of year mixing and matching my wardrobe. In this outfit, I blended my summer skirt with a winter jersey and to change things up a bit, I knotted my jersey in the front to show a bit of skin between the jersey and high waist skirt. To complete the outfit, I wore my brown leather wedges, cat-eye sunnies and a messy top bun.

Sunglasses - Dolce&Gabanna at Sunglass Hutt

Jersey - Studio.W at WoolWorth

Skirt - H&M

Shoes - Queue Shoes

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