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A Little Vintage Goes a Long Way

This outfit lies very close to my heart and all because of this amazing little jean skirt. 23 years ago my mom bought me this little skirt and was awesome enough to have kept it for ONE DAY when I have my own little girl, today we reached that ONE DAY and I couldn't be happier to put this on my little monkey.

Sometimes new isn't always better and I absolutely love the look of this skirt, combined with some modern day clothes its such a WIN. Vintage is very much a fashion on its own and keeping some old pieces is not just a good financial decision but it makes it also SOOO sentimental.

I decided to keep some of Luna's top trends for one day when she has her own little girl, as well as this skirt, hoping to pass this off from generation to generation along with a photo of each of us wearing it. ( How amazing & special will that not be <3 )

So mamma's, as important as it is living in the now, I highly recumbent keeping some special pieces for your future grand child and great grand child. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to see it on them one day.

Luna's Outfit:

Sunglasses - Mommies D&G from Sunglass Hutt

Jacket - Sticky Fudge

Shirt - HM

Skirt - The Previous Generation

Stockings - HM

Shoes - ShooShoos

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