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Little Señorita

This outfit is just absolutely adorable. When she had it on and started dancing, she reminded me of those beautiful Spanish salsa dancers.

I find it really hard to get Luna nice girly shirts. Most of the time kiddies shirts are or t-shirts or tank tops so when I saw this I was like... MUST HAVE!

This stunning off shoulder top is from WoolWorths newest 2017/2018 summer collection. I've noticed from experience that cute clothing pieces like this really doesn't last long in stores, in a few weeks stock will be sold out. I mean we are so far away from summer it feels silly to buy anything now, especially for our little ones who grow so fast.

I always buy most of Luna's clothes a size bigger, she is very small so size 1 or 12-18 months still fits her the best, but since she is turning two this month i've started buying everything in size 2. Most clothing items are still a bit too big but looks cute on her anyway, then at least I know she will grow into it and wear it enough to justify the money spend.

So for the working mommies who doesn't get to walk around in the shopping malls, here are some of the kids stores who just unpacked their new summer 2017/2018 lines.

Woolworth Sa

CottonOn Kids

Next - Available in the big malls or found in Foschini's stores.

Country Roads Kids

Zara Kids

H&M Kids

Luna's Outfit:

Top - Woolworths

Skirt - CottonOn kids

Teepee - My Tiny Teepee

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