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She's TWO Fabulous

The day has finally come and gone, our little girl turned two. As we recently moved to Johannesburg from Cape Town last year and did not know anyone up here, we decided to rather do a family get away to Sun City for Luna's first birthday.

As the talks of her 2nd birthday came up, I felt a little bad that she had never had a birthday party and since our social life had increased and our friends list grew (not by a lot but enough), I thought a party was in order.

Sooooo where does all party planning start? A THEME!!!!!! Ok, lets be honest… Pinterest.

I knew from day one what theme I wanted but decided to look at all the options. After scrolling through pinterest and seeing some awesome party ideas, I decided to stick with my original idea, something that resembles Luna, something she loves, a Boho Babe themed party!

Boho in my eyes means three things, Teepee’s, dream catchers and flowers in the hair.

Thanks to My Tiny Teepee, we decorated her party with two awesome teepees on both sides of the table. I created a backdrop of white and silver balloons and one big Silver 2. For a little something extra we made a pénata dream catcher, an "Adventure Awaits" sign, a big floral 2 and some eucalyptus leaves to add the final touch.

Since i already made most of her decor myself, I decided to go full on DIY with her party and do all the baking too. Doing everything myself made it so much more special, instead of having one amazing day with my daughter, I had a week of bonding with her, from making cookies to decorating cupcakes and even blowing up balloons (which she loved BTW).

So what did we make?

I started with Sugar Cookies, decorated with royal icing and then made vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. For a birthday cake we made a 5 layer victorian sponge cake with cream cheese and caramel filling, I sprinkled icing sugar lightly over the sides to keep the naked cake look. We added flowers and eucalyptus leaves on top of the cake with a big wooden 2 to match with her Boho theme.

The rest of the table was filled with popcorn boxes, strawberry milk, some candy and then a party pack for each kid. Instead of name tags (stickers) on the party packs, we made each kid a personalised Sugar Cookie with their names on and placed this on the top of the party pack for each to find.

We hope you loved Luna’s party as much as we did!

Please message us for any DIY info, recipe information or even some party inspo/advice … We are more than happy to share all of it with you … Lots of Love, Luna & Mommy

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