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Reality of Life

Facebook Stay or Go? We all live in world where we try and look at the bright side of life, to see the best in people and to always stay positive, but I've been really struggling with that lately. I mostly just use Instagram, as it's a community of moms that build each other up and support each other, it's daily advice and good reads about parenting and life, but what about Facebook? Over the last few days I've had a lot of extra time to kill once Luna has gone to bed, normally this time of the night would be quality time for hubby and I, but since he is in Johannesburg and I'm in Cape Town I had to keep busy with other things. I started to scroll through Facebook again for the first time in a while, I normally just use Facebook to post pictures of Luna for the family to see, never really having the time to go through my news feed, but once I did, I immediately regretted it. I went from being relaxed in bed to being so angry and upset about the things I saw on there. Part of me know it's good thing, people being more aware of what's happening in the world, but do we really need constant reminders of all the terrible things? Of kids going missing? Helpers abusing innocent little babies, throwing them around like dolls and carrying them upside down, letting them scream for hours and hitting them? A child is the most innocent, precious little gift there is, there is not a drop of evil in them and I cannot fathom why someone would treat a little baby like that. I'm sitting here sick to my stomach with a rage inside me. So I return to my initial question, do I keep Facebook? Do I keep getting reminders of how terrible the world is? And if I do, how do I remain positive? How do I get out of bed every morning looking at the bright side of life? How do I raise my daughter to see the best in people when we get daily reminders of how cruel people can be? For all the reasons I love Instagram, I hate Facebook, but is it really Facebook I hate or is it the reality of the world we live in? Part of me wants to know what's out there, to always be prepared and know the reality of life, but most of me wants to be oblivious to it, I know the world is a dangerous place and I should keep my daughter safe by my side at all times, but do I want to know all the million reasons of how dangerous it really is? Do I want to see all the videos and picture of the terrible things happening?

Mommies, how do you feel about this and how do you cope? How do we not end up paranoid, not going crazy with ways to keep our kids safe? Trusting Schools, nannies, teachers? This mom would love to hear your thought.

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