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So I just had one of those NO-WAY moments. 3 days ago the whole family was down with a stomach bug, all of us are fully recovered now but Luna was still saying "belly ouwies" every time before she makes a poop, so me being me thought I'd use the opportunity for potty training.

So this time she says it, I quickly run her to the toilet and pull her clothes off as fast as I can (yay she's wearing a romper, as you can imagine not so fast) I put her on the toilet and tell her to push. She says ouwies a few more times and then tries to push, nothing happens, after a few seconds she says "mommy off" and I explain to her that she must first make a poop as I know it's been roughy 24 hours since the last poop and the next one is due right about now, yep they come like clockwork.

She starts to cry a little but I tell her it's ok and mommy is right here doing it all with her, I hug her and she cries a little on my shoulder playing with my hair. After maybe 30 seconds she goes quiet but I remain crouched around the toilet, holding her, scratching her back, hoping to make the experience more pleasant.

In my head I'm like "yes, this is it, she is totally making her first poop in the toilet, I am sooo taking a pic for hubby hahaha". A few more seconds of silence go by, maybe even a minute, I pull back a little, trying to see her face on my shoulder and there it was Booom, in my face, no mom I didn't poop I've just fallen asleep on the toilet on your shoulders.

So here I am, on my knees wrapped around the toilet with a butt naked baby passed out on me!

Score: POTTY 1 - Mommy 0

So my blog post about Luna's first poop in the toilet is a total potty training fail, but tomorrow we will try again! So for all the moms that's struggling with potty training all I can say is #THESTRUGGLEISREAL

(Yup, I thought A Butt pic is appropriate)

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