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Summer Essentials

After a long chilly winter summer has finally arrived and whats better than Sunshine? Shopping for mini swimwear.

Luna is a total beach bum and if you let her pick her own outfit in the morning she will always go for her swimwear first, maybe she thinks that if she wears swimwear, mommy will have to take her to the beach/pool or maybe she just loves the way it looks. I won't lie, second to buying shoes, I love shopping for bikinis and one pieces for this little body. Everything just looks so cute on her and I mean "look at that little belly" LOVE!

So here's a few of our favourite pieces for this summer and because we love sharing I've included the where to buy and the pricing for each one... Happy Browsing.

First on the list is the Gorgeous navy blue and white striped bikini from H&M for R229

Next is the adorable pink watermelon swimsuit from WoolWorths for R160. This was bought last year so not sure if its still available in stores.

Then one of my favourites that I'm sure you've seen on my IG account is this beautiful floral bikini from CottonOn Kids for R289.

Ok, this is just one of those pinterest sensations, I mean seriously, how cute is this swan swimsuit from Maddon&Cole for R190, If you want your babe to be the most stylish one on the beach this is definitely the one.

Last but not least is another set from H&M, I bought this one not to long ago on their sale section for (wait for it) R50 ...I mean can you deal? I can't even have a Chai Late & Baby Chino for R50 hahaha

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