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Maddon & Cole

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

A Sparkling new clothing brand all mamma's should know about.

Maddon&Cole was officially launched on August 2017 and is one of my favourite gender neutral kids clothing brands, whether your shopping for your baby girl or for your little cool dude they have something for everyone.

Maddon & Cole was created by mama Keren, A mama of the two most adorable little boys called Maddon and Cole, the inspiration behind the company. After becoming a mom and shopping for clothes for her littles she saw a massive gap in the market for trendy yet comfortable kids clothing, she studied fashion and worked in the industry for 12 years so of course she would be the perfect person to start a kids brand and thats why her clothing is SOOOO amazing, she knows the fashion trends but at the same time she's a mama just like us, she knows whats practical and what we as moms look for when shopping for our littles.

They are a locally owned company based in Cape Town, their products range from handmade by the mama herself to some made by cmt's in Cape Town and a few imported pieces.

Pop on over to their site www.madcole.co.za to have a look at their amazing summer line and newly launched christmas outfits. You can also go follow them on Instagram @maddoncole to stay up to date with their latest products.

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