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Sun City Resort

An amazing holiday with all the resort feels and none of the travel hassel.

A few weeks ago the family and I went on a little midweek get-away to the amazing Sun City. It was an absolute spoil, since the moment we entered the gates we immediate felt relaxed and on holiday and all this came with out the worry and stress of applying for visas or taking a long uncomfortable flight. Sun City is a stone throw away from all of us in Johannesburg but once there you feel a million miles away and can completely disconnect with the world and enjoy some quality family time.

Quality family time, the entire reason for our trip. They have it all, from adult entertainment to kiddie activities and family outing. Theres a Safari for the family to enjoy, getting lost in the maze, zip lining, hikes, water sport such as parasailing or tube rides, moms can soak up some sun at valley of the waves while dad enjoys the adrenaline rush of all their water slides and the littles splash around in the shallow water.

For us this trip was all about relaxing and lounging in the sun. We spend our first day at pool-side bar, Sipping cocktails in the water while the sun soaked into our skin. Luna splashed around and swam for hours in the devine luke warm pool. After, we all got our own preference of food and enjoyed a Pizza and Chinese picnic under the palm trees, listening to the echoes of laughter and watching the sun set over the lake.

Day two started with pancakes and whipped cream at the all inclusive buffet breakfast. After that we jumped on the bus (Luna's favourite experience) and rode over to Valley of the Waves. There we spent the day floating in the man made ocean, playing in the sand, taking tube rides, going down water slides and eating ice-cream.

Luna absolutely loved playing in the kiddie section, she probably spend most of the day going down the mini water slides, laughing all the way down. The rest of the day she spent playing in the sand and splashing around in the waves. All and all a happy day filled with laughter.

Day three we had no choice but to dig into those pancakes again, this time though we at least enjoyed some bacon and eggs as well as a fruit salad. We then went down to the valley of the waves again, enjoying the warm feeling of the morning sun on our skin and just relaxing. After that we decided to explore the resort, walking through the magical forrest paths and enjoying the beauty of nature within architecture.

I would definitely advice a trip like this to any and all families, its the perfect combination of things to enjoy some quality family time.

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