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Yummy Maternity Capsule Collection

Its been a while since we've written a Blog Post but I just felt like the Yummy Maternity Capsule collection is the prefect items for me to re-eneter the blogging world. These items have literally saved my life the past few weeks, I wore my tights and tank almost every single day. The days I felt horrible they made the perfect snuggle outfit for me to just chill and watch movies on the couch and once my body started functioning again and I felt like dressing up I didn't have to say bye-bye to the items that supported me through the rough times. No, I could take them with me and dress them up to look as fabulous as I felt.

That is the Magic of this amazing Collection, its so universal and practical that you it can be anything and everything you need it to be. Maternity clothes can be costly and we can't always afford to replace our entire wardrobe but with these basic essentials you can be comfortable in your maternity clothes and look different every single day.

A little bit about the Capsule Collection:

The entire collection is made from Bamboo, all the items are also seamless and has no tags that will irritate your skin. The items are all extremely stretchy and allows for a comfortable fit and adapts to your growing belly.

I decided to share 10 of my favourite Capsule looks with you and because we LOVE it so much we also teamed up with Yummy Maternity to give one lucky mama-to-be a chance to win her own capsule collection.

Prize worth a R1400 and includes a set of bamboo tights, bamboo tank and a bamboo belly band.

How to Enter:

1. Follow @demilucasblog & @yummy_maternity on instagram

2. Subscribe to my blog.

3.Comment on this post by telling us your Favourite outfit.

(For an extra entry you can also pop over to our Instagram and enter again on our giveaway post)

Outfit 1: Sassy Assy

Featuring the white Bamboo Tank and Bamboo tights

Outfit 2: The Lounge Look

Featuring the Black Bamboo Tank & Bamboo Tights.

Outfit 3:Mustard & Mono

Featuring the white Bamboo tank.

Outfit 4:The Soccer Mom

Featuring the Bamboo tights.

Outfit 5: Denim for Days

Featuring the Bamboo tights.

Outfit 6: Profesional Momsy

Featuring the Black Bamboo tank and Bamboo tights.

Outfit 7: Trendy Mama

Featuring the black Bamboo Tank.

Outfit 8: Easy Breezy

Featuring the white Bamboo tank.

Outfit 9: Sumer Loving

Featuring the white Bamboo tank.

Outfit 10: Snug like a Bug

Featuring the Bamboo tights.

Good luck mammas!

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