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Luna’s Big Sister Room

A big room for our little girl who is about to become a BIG sister. 

What started as such a sad goodbye actually became one of my favourite projects. Two months ago I looked at Luna’s old room and got really sad that we had to empty it all out and move her into the guest room, there was so much love and hard work that went into the old room and I literally thought it was PERFECT, that’s until now of course. 

When we moved her into the guest room to make space for baby number two, I was worried that giving her a queen been would just take up so much space and it wouldn’t look like a little girls room but boy was I wrong! 

I knew what I wanted her room to look like from the start, I just struggled to invission it all fitting in, hoping and praying that it was all just going to fit perfectly. I am super relieved and happy to say it did, I can’t believe how perfectly everything worked out and how amazing it all came together.

Standing in her room yesterday looking at the end results, I told hubby “I loved her old room but this takes it to a whole new level, this is perfection”

Since she out grew her baby stage, she became such a girly girl and the new room fits the new Luna perfectly. We added a lot more girl aspects like a dressing mirror for her to look at when she plays dress up, flowers on the wall, more pink and just over all more colours.

But I’ll stop rambling and just let you see the room for yourself as well as share where we got everything.

Hubby and I decided to also give ourselves some bonding time by making some of her room DIY and I must say, that was some of our favourite parts. Bonding and working together as a team.

DIY - Her house bed we did ourselves since it was a queen and I haven’t actually seen a company that makes them in this size, the wall flowers we made ourselves from tissue paper and her book shelve we also did ourself.

Kikki & Franki - Sleepy Eyes above her bed.

Finding Whimsy - Her adorable table and chair set featured next to her bed comes from them as well as her spotted play mat inside her Teepee.

Mr.P Home - Her “GIRLS RULE” wall art, the mirror and her mint throw blanket.

Clever Little Monkey - Her gorgeous rug comes from Clever Little Monkeys new Lorena Canals  washable rug collection and is called the Prism.

Squiggle and Squeak - Pretty much all the pillows and scatter pillows you will see comes from our sweet friend Kim, who owns the best kiddie bedding and decor company you’ll ever find.

La Fede - The “babies” as Luna calls them featured in the basket next to the table is all from our favourite La Fede collection as well as the gorgeous Flamingo. The amazing Chantelle has arrange that all are followers get a 20% discount for the next month when using our discount code “demi123” so you better pop on over and order your favourite characters too.

Tiger Lilly - All the beautiful garlands and those stunning table decor items like Luna’s boho mannequin and soft pink nesting dolls are all from one of our most favourite companies. I’ll be sure to add some Tiger Lilly to baby brothers room too, because I mean, how heavenly!!!

Scandi Home Decor - Also one of the stunner items featured on her table, the teeny tiny Teepee from scandi that’s just to adorable to resist.

My Tiny Teepee - Because every little person needs their own Teepee, it’s Luna’s favourite hide out spot, it’s her castle where she and Wolfie fights off monsters! It’s her happy place!

Hello Dove Tail - Can we just say Meow ;) because obviously that adorable kitten chair next to her kitchen comes from them.

Munks & Me - The gorgeous wall art featured above her kitchen is both from this amazing company!

Polly Potters- Her kitchen is Viga, we bought it from Polly Potters Toy store but is also available on TakeAlot. We also bought all her kitchen accessories from them like her silver tea set, wooden pizza slices and wooden cupcakes.

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